Frequently asked questions

What is zPaste?
zPaste is a free text publishing service. It helps to share links and texts in a public way without restriction. All you have to do in the creation form is to add title and text to share, the other options are optional.
Is this free?
Yes, our service is 100% free for all users. On our part we will not show advertising on your zPastes.
Will my zPastes be removed?
As long as your zPastes are not a violation of our terms, they will remain in our database.
How many zPastes can I create?
You can create as many zPastes as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and is not massive.
What kind of text can I enter in the zPastes?
You can enter any type of text, links or images, provided that each adheres to the Terms of Service.
Are there any restrictions on the size of my texts entered?
Each text you enter has no size limit. If we detect malicious code, your zPaste will be removed.
I have found a vulnerability/security issue/bug on your site. What should I do?
If you find any security vulnerability on our site, we kindly request you to contact us right away before making any public disclosure. We will try our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.
No answer to your question?
Contact Us Here to get your answers. Please note our support team only speaks Spanish.
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